we work to ensure the efficiency and quality typical of Italian workers all over the world

The Story

COSTRUZIONI CAPPELLARI is a leading construction company in the north of Italy, which has been active in the building sector for over 50 years. Costruzioni Cappellari was created in Castel Goffredo, Mantova in the 1960s as a family business, founded by Mr. Sergio Cappellari, a construction worker. He was appointed “Cavaliere del lavoro” by the Italian President (Knight of the work) in 2011. In 1997, with the help of his sons Mauro and Massimo, the humble enterprise transformed into the construction company it is today, and it has established itself as a competent and reliable company, with extensive experience in many different sectors.


The company is now a flexible and extremely dynamic reality, established in Italy and abroad. Cappellari Construction demonstrates again that it has earned these achievements through their excellent quality of work over the past three generation.

The Structure And Workflow

In relation to the various spheres of activity, the company is internally divided into distinct sections. A project management team oversees all the aspects of organization, coordination and management of construction processes and interfaces with the client and the team. The continuous on-site presence allows the work to proceed fluidly fluently (with no stop), in total respect of the contract.

Costruzioni Cappellari works as much as possible as a General Contractor, offering integral solutions regarding residential, industrial, commercial, and public buildings, infrastructures, renovations and restorations.

Much importance is given to the Retail department, which offers a wide range of services. A new section dedicated to architecture allows a quite complete workflow: analysis, programming, design, construction and supervision of works, and delivery. This results in the 360-degree control of the project, the control of the overall costs, and an extremely accurate planning of the construction logistics.



  • Mauro Cappellari


  • Sergio Cappellari
  • Massimo Cappellari


  • Annalisa Zanini
  • Flavia Cavazzini
  • Sara Coffani
  • Alessandra Cerini
  • Federica Riviera


  • Estevan Bordanzi
  • Giovanni Bosio
  • Goran Tutnjevic
  • Luigi Bazzi
  • Fabio Casalis
  • Damiano Cappellari
  • Giovanni Mondini
  • Luigi Arena
  • Motto Riccardo
  • Marija Herman


We take care of the planning, monitoring and coordination of the whole project. A detailed pre-analysis often allows us to predict possible contingency plans providing solutions before they are needed. A careful and proven resource management team, in addition to the experience gained working in hundreds of buildings, allows us to devote top priority to efficiency and quality, keeping an eye on deadlines and costs, anytime, and anywhere.

  • General project planning
  • Building permit applications
  • Executive planning and detail
  • Construction logistics and job schedule
  • Project Definition
  • Risk management, quality, resources and costs
  • Management of regulatory aspects
  • Technical consultancy
  • Construction management on site
  • General management of the project
  • Property and land evaluation
  • Advice on real estate and construction works
  • Investment calculations and profitability
  • Active support to customers
  • All other services related to construction activity